If we go down, we go down fighting.
Alana || 99% Hockey blog || I really love Reilly Smith alot wow and I'm guilty of developing an obsession with Jamie Benn
-WAS reillysmithh18 & dkrejc

Ugh I really don’t like my #1 best friend on snapchat. Like the other two I’m okay with but this kid Ben

I feel like we’re just not going to ever talk again and that bugs me so much I want to still talk

Anonymous said: I'm sorry about your friend :( Hopefully you get through this!

Thanks this is just really hard because she’s one of my best friends and it’s short notice. It sucks because the rest of our group has gone off to college so we probably won’t see eachother much ://///// I’m literally going to miss her so much


Hopefully if option A is picked they will target Nicole and Christine 


Your icon is awesome and you’re not a 100% Bruins blog but that’s why I love your blogg

Sorry I’m just getting around to this now! And you’re so sweet and your blog is perfffff and your url is great!